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stuff to bring to the island (Uta)

I made a list of stuff that I need to bring to the island:

what to bring to Bumpkin Island (Uta)

For mapping the island myself…
- cutting board
- ruler
- exactor knife
- glue
- ductape/tape
- biggie block for drawing
- mapping board
- string
- 3 black pens
- 2 pencils
- pencil sharpener
- eraser
- colored markers
- colored paper
- colourd pencils
- sketchbook

For documentation
- camera + extra battery + SD cards

For the archive
- clothes pins
- blue tarp

For sleeping
- sleeping bag
- sleeping pad

All the toolkits…

Questions for the kit





My Imaginary Map- Similar to yours!! Still inking in…


Assignment #2


Assignment for Uta


Themes for Experimental Mapmaking (from 6/16)

Sensory Sources
- sounds
- colors
- tastes
- smells
- textures
- temperatures

Physical Presences/Sources
- clouds
- plants (berries, grass)
- elements (water, wind, fire, earth)
- animals
- shells, stones
- shapes
- garbage map
- other artistic things/stations
- collected stuff
- traces of human beings
- traces of life
- people

Abstract/Internal Sources

- thoughts
- conversations
- arguments
- emotions/moods
- memories
- music/lyrics
- thoughts
- stories
- imagined stories
- traces from the past
- temporal maps
- traces of time

- “weird things”/unexpected things/other

Notes And Assignments from 6/16

- explore 1 or 2 themes
- sketch the archive
- make a card for the other person (question, assignment)
- do something else

flash cards. instructions sets or prompts. ASSIGNMENTS for each other.
tool kit. collect materials. paper, materials. sizes?

conduct tests– get people to try it out. in the park…

archive… how will it look? how will we order maps? structure? tent/tarp?
can’t dig? tie to trees? keep out rain?
plastic sheet covers… sleeves?

question for organizers: Are people allowed to collect stuff on the island?
question as we make maps: What are you drawn to? What are you repelled by?