Draft of Info Card Back, plus buttons!


Here’s an island/sky color schemed version. I like how the bubbles look like clouds.  But it turns out we can only have one back, so we have to pick. If we go with the grape crush color-scheme, maybe make it a bit lighter/brighter? I experimented with making “traubensaft” the lighter word, so the name pops a bit more…

Also, here are some buttons I made, hard to get the words to be readable— maybe just the plain compass is enough, like a secret code?:

Also, I picked some images for the card fronts…. I will upload to Flickr if you can get me access to the group! I didn’t mean to include the buttons in there, but it’s the stupid Wordpress gallery function, it’s hard to delete images from there. Annoying. But I guess the buttons might as well be in there, since they are pretty!

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