Big Questions!

Uta’s Questions, Zannah’s response

Map Archive
- do we bring all Bumpkin Maps we have made so far to the island? I think the ones that we made of the Island, if they are in good shape, yes!
- how many do we want done before we get there? I think if we have 6-10 of the island beforehand, that could be great
- do we want a big poster or something like a big sign to post in front of the archive location? Yes! I can work on making a fabric banner, since it will be easy to roll up and transport. I like the idea of a big cardboard “PIN” that shows the archive is there… and we have all these big sheets of cardboard here from Ikea trips, BUT… how to transport? (ok, maybe not as big as this one, but… same idea) Maybe I could get my family to help make this?

- how do we secure maps from bad weather – should we have “cardboard frames”? I like cardboard frames idea, let’s try it with sample maps. You have a tarp? I have some rope from Ikea. Right now the forecast looks good, but you never know…
- should we have a “check-out” sheet for visitors to sign out toolkits (kind of like in a library; might be a nice artifact to have for the exhibition) Yeah… this might help people remember to return them!

Mapping Toolkits
- how many do we want to have in total?  Maybe 10-15?
- what needs to be prepared for each toolkit? Materials List, all the stuff, some kind of case
- who brings what to the island regarding toolkits? We should each try to bring 7 or 8? but depends on what we can transport. I can get us a ride from where we are staying to the ferry, but I can’t bring too much on the bus from NYC, since I have to carry tent, etc.
- how much sheets of paper do we want for each toolkit? Let’s say the toolkit gets used 5 times,  maybe 10-15 sheets of paper?
- do we want that “this-toolkit-contains… list” inside of the toolkit? YES!
- my toolkits still need (I have 7 so far)
- finalization of flags
- “instruction” cards
- some need a drawing board
- all of them need “extra things” that might inspire people, e.g. stickers…
- all of them need a number + the Bumpkin Island Mapping Archive logo
- some of them need paper
Sounds good!

- who brings what? i bring the tent, my sleeping bag… umm. the rest of the stuff we’ll have to get in the morning (food, etc).
- do we need cooking utensils? I think we can get these from my parents
- what will we eat? see my post
- where do we meet on Thursday (and how do I get there)? I hope we’ll be staying the same place! And my brother will drive us…

Zannah’s Questions…

-What time do you arrive on Wednesday? I arranged so that you and I can stay with Megan, or maybe with my other friend Liz Donovan who lives in a more convenient spot, but we’ll have to work out how to get you and your stuff there. I will get in around 2:30am and take a taxi from the bus station.

How do we keep people from running off with our maps?
Will people really want to carry the kits with them all day? Should we add drop-off points for the kits?
Do we want to make some really big colorful “charismatic” maps to draw people in to the collection? Maybe these could be made here?

-Food: should we bring a stove? or just do everything on a campfire?

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